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An Intuitive Calling

Women have been gathering in Circles and Tribes for centuries, holding a sacred space for rituals and also share group updates, food ideas, recipes, health concerns, good books and so much more.

There is something amazingly powerful about a group of women meeting together in a high vibrational energy, which expands out into the universe creating a positive ripple effect and so much can be accomplished in one sitting.

I believe it is incredibly important that females have a strong network of women in their lives in which they can receive support and love from. Our basic instinct craves to be accepted, craves to be loved and wanted and it has been proven that being surrounded by positive influences, an abundance of loving energy and a TRIBE of amazing people, makes us incredibly happy and releases the 'happiness hormones', endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, and it glows from within!

In the modern world that we're in, we have the option to come together online in a private wellness hub to share, create, conjure and learn all there is to know about wellness and achieve inner and outer health through lifestyle, food, mindfulness and meditation, toxic-free living, yoga, inspiring documentaries, practicing love over fear, connecting on a deeper level with each other and having general support for every day things.

You are encouraged to seek for answers, to become your highest and truest self, to surround yourself with wonderful people, a support network, and to blossom into the person you know you are.

Your journey starts here and you've been brought here by divine cosmic purpose.

You know deep down that you're craving a shift in energy and we certainly hope you find your tribe here!


  • Do you have a deep yearning for "something more"?

  • Are you wanting to connect into or improve your intuition?

  • Do you want to re-connect back into yourself?

  • Do you need to be a part of a supportive, loving and like-minded group?

  • Is Health & Wellness something that you want to achieve?

  • Would you like to learn to meditate and hold your own sacred space?

  • Are you willing to delve deep within yourself for clarity, guidance & self awareness?


We welcome you into this female-strong tribe!

An incredible group where all women are welcome to gather each month in support of one another, to hold space for healing and friendship and discover more about their own practice.

In the Circles, we will experience different types of meditation, goddess traditions, rituals, heart-based group and individual activities and the occasional special guest and facilitators!


    Experience different types of meditation at each circle.


    Connect into your third eye, intuition & energetic vibrations.


    Receive free content, workbooks & take-home activities from Circle.


    Practice self-love & be guided through heart warming meditations.




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