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Meet Lisa

Certified Meditation Teacher

Hello & Welcome to Nurtured Meditation, Nice to Meet You!

My name is Lisa and I'm a Certified Meditation Teacher who studied with Australian Centre for Holistic Studies & is a part of Meditation Association of Australia.

I'm based in the South East of Melbourne and have been practicing meditation for a few years now, and teaching since early 2019.

I welcome you at any level, whether you're new to meditation or have been a long time meditator, please feel free to attend a session or book a private session with me.

You will also find a podcast called Nurtured Meditation, where I upload full meditations you can listen to on the go or wherever you are.

Check out the blogs if you like and find me on socials @nurturedmeditation

I look forward to connecting with you!

Why Meditation?

It can help with

Decrease Anxiety & Depression

Stress Reduction

Helps with Sleep & Restlessness

Connection to Ourselves

Promotes Emotional Health

Deeper Connection to Intuition

Ease Addiction Recovery

Improves Focus of the Mind

Mood Elevation

Supports Memory & Brain Function

Deepening of Yoga Practice


"I was new to starting meditation and then found the classes that Lisa was running, which were close to home, so I decided to join and found that I really enjoyed it and got more out it, personally, then I expected I would! I hope to keep attending these classes in the future."

— Michelle

Meditation Sessions

Unfortunately at the moment, there are no private or in-class meditation sessions being run by Nurtured Meditation.

If you are still interested in looking for a meditation teacher or class, please send me an enquiry through the contact form and I will recommend someone.

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