"Meditation is Coming Back to Yourself "

Meditation has been around for centuries and although it has been increasing in popularity, people have been traditionally meditating for much longer and it is a normal, every day practice for many.

It is believed, and proven, that meditation can have extensive benefits on your overall health and wellbeing and that incorporating a daily practice can assist in the relief of anxiety, depression, restlessness, overcoming illness or addiction, self doubt, decision making and much more.

Many believe that meditation brings them back to themselves, to their true divine and purpose and allows you to connect more deeply into your higher self and psychic consciousness.

Everyone has their own journey that they're on and meditation is different for each and every person, so it's about finding what works for you and noticing how you feel over time with frequent practice.

There are a variety of different meditation techniques you can use and it's not always about sitting on a cushion in silence, with your legs crossed for an hour.

We will explore these techniques together, as you find what suits you best and you can expect to see lots of interesting information on meditations types such as dancing, drawing, walking, silent & with music, guided, visualisation and more, on Nurtured Meditation.

Hello, my name's Lisa and I will be your meditation guide.

As a certified meditation teacher, I know the importance of frequent practice and the incredible benefits it has on us.

My aim is to make meditation easy and accessible to you, so I have put this website to teach you more about meditation, the different techniques that we can use, some history on meditation, interesting facts and practical activities that you can do in your own time.

I encourage you to delve deep into your soul and seek answers from within, to open up and allow space for soulful meditation practice, as well as connection to other like-minded people.

Benefits of Meditation

​There are many positive benefits of practicing meditation such as:

Decreases Anxiety & Depression

Stress Reduction

Helps with Sleep & Restlessness

Connection to Ourselves

Promotes Emotional Health

Deeper Connection to Intuition

Ease Addiction Recovery

Improves Focus of the Mind

Mood Elevation

Supports Memory & Brain Function

Deepening of Yoga Practice

Everyone Is Welcome

Whether you're new to meditation or you have practiced before, everyone is welcome.

There is no 'beginner' or 'advanced' levels here, as we're all here for the same reason and that is to meditate together and learn something along the way.

This website has been designed with you, the meditator, in mind and the information you find herewith will be easy to read and put into practice in a simple, realistic way.

If you have felt that inner calling to be here, to participate with me, then I truely welcome you and I hope you find value in what is shared here.

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