An Evening with Deva Premal, Miten & Monose

Wow, what an incredible night this was!

Wednesday 12th February, I attended this concert in Melbourne with a friend (and bumped into more friends!) to see Deva Premal, Miten & Monose and when we left, it was as if we were floating on a cloud.

The moment they walked on stage with utter grace, their energy could be felt and throughout the night, the room had a sense of intense, moving, freeing, vibrational and loving energy, as we all sang and moved in harmony to their beautiful Mantra songs.

The concert ticket sales (all Australian shows) were also going to be donated fully to help our Bushfires and I found that so incredible that they acknowledged this and are helping out.

I haven't seen them Live before, so I only had an idea about what to expect, but this exceeded all of them!

The connection between Deva, Miten and Monose is so beautiful and in sync. They even have a good sense of humour between them, so we had a few laughs.

There was a good combination of slow, loving mantra songs and then a few upbeat ones as well where we all stood up and clapped or danced along with them.

I loved the Jamaican/Island beats to some of their songs as well, it was very funky and got us all moving.

The band were incredible that played along with them and there were some solos in there where the tempo got faster and faster, which was fun.

After most songs, we'd sit in silence and feel into the energy, which was different because you're used to clapping afterwards. However there were some performances that deserved an applause, and we'd all stand up and show our appreciation.

I wished I had of taken more photos and video, which I do have some, but at the same time, I was enjoying the moment instead of through my phone - I also didn't know if photography was allowed, but a few people around us were doing the same thing ;)

I had to capture something from the evening, but I guess it's one of those experiences where you had to be there to FEEL it and HEAR it in its full entirety.

After a 3.5 hour evening of soulful music and positive vibrational energy, it was time to say goodbye - we waved to them and didn't applause, at their request. Deva said it was important to end the night in silence, to appreciate the energy that we had created and till we meet again...

If you haven't heard their music before, I highly recommend you do this now!

Turn up the volume and close your eyes.. it's so powerful to just feel the music move through your body.

It was so nice to go to a concert that was different and instead of being hyped up and loud, it was the complete opposite and it allowed you to leave feeling happy, calm, worry-free and more.

I look forward to when they return, whenever that may be, because I'd love to go again and experience this!



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