So, What Is Meditation?

Many people ask this because there seems to be a preconceived idea that you sit on top of a mountain, legs crossed, palms in Mudra and chanting.

While that can be apart of it, this spiritual practice is so much more than that and there are other ways you can Meditate as well.

It has been long practiced for centuries and is gaining popular momentum each day.People are waking up to the many benefits of this practice and love the spiritual and emotional growth it can provide that it seems everyone is doing it these days.

It’s not just some fad and has been proven time and time again that it can be very beneficial in many aspects of your life.

I have been studying Meditation for a few years and have nearly finished my certification to become a Meditation teacher, so I’m very excited about that!

After recently going to a Meditation Retreat, I have been inspired and motivated once more and realised again, my passion for meditation and sharing it with you all.

If you’re wondering how a daily practice can positively impact your life, see below just some of the benefits you can experience and other ways you can meditate other than sitting down with your legs crossed.


➺ Reduces anxiety & depression

➺ Control of mind, body & emotions

➺ Keeps you in the present moment

➺ Allows spiritual growth

➺ Helps with sleep

➺ Builds your immunity

➺ Life appreciation

➺ Connect to others

➺ Makes you happier

➺ And more!


➺ Guided Meditation

➺ Focus on Breathing

➺ Doing things mindfully

➺ Awareness when walking

➺ Dancing and letting go of inhibitions

➺ Mindfully painting or drawing

➺ Journalling

➺ Eating or drinking

➺ Yoga practice Basically, you can meditate during your day at any point by being mindful. Example if you’re eating, notice the texture/taste of the food, the feel on your tongue, sensations in your body etc. Or if you’re washing the dishes, notice the warmth of the water, the bubbles against your skin, the objects you pick up.

Daily meditation, in any form, can provide so many benefits. Give something a try today!🙏🏼



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